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Entry #4

No more music for a while

2008-05-27 23:29:18 by CineGoryP

No, I haven't gotten stupid rich, bought a small island and begun to hang out with a bunch of hot chicks. My laptop melted.. or something. Either way its dead so yeah, no more music for a while unless I get really desperate and try to do something on this thing; which happens to have trouble playing flash movies apparently so who knows what will happen with an actual thing that can... you know... create... stuff...

Don't think spiteful reviews can keep me down! Buncha jerks :D

PS More reviews pls. kthxbye.


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2008-05-28 14:41:04

Know how you feel.... I'm on a Computer at a library...

CineGoryP responds:

that sucks


2008-06-05 15:51:41

I the hell reads this

(In reply to frontpage comment: "who the hell reads this")

CineGoryP responds:

hah, okay. just checking.