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No more music for a while

2008-05-27 23:29:18 by CineGoryP

No, I haven't gotten stupid rich, bought a small island and begun to hang out with a bunch of hot chicks. My laptop melted.. or something. Either way its dead so yeah, no more music for a while unless I get really desperate and try to do something on this thing; which happens to have trouble playing flash movies apparently so who knows what will happen with an actual thing that can... you know... create... stuff...

Don't think spiteful reviews can keep me down! Buncha jerks :D

PS More reviews pls. kthxbye.


2008-03-29 16:23:58 by CineGoryP

Oh crap... writer's block! I blame it all on my lack of nicotine... stupid cigarettes x.x


2008-03-23 11:59:24 by CineGoryP

I gotta say that it's great to get positive responses on stuff. I'm new to the scene, but I'm loving it so far (except when nobody listens... that seems to be the first hump you gotta get over). Anyway, in lieu of the slight popularity I've gained with "For the Goth Kids", I want to share the often renamed song "Wicked Spiral" with people that enjoyed my foray in appealing to the rebellious adolescent crowd. Here's the link if you're too lazy to scroll down and listen: /129353



2008-03-11 23:03:17 by CineGoryP

who knew that it'd be so hard to be able to get people to listen to your music?